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A project of Art Тoday Аssociation, Plovdiv in collaboration with Corner College, Zurich.

The project is part of the program of Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture

Note by the curators

Digital Ecologies is composed of two folds of an international group exhibition project and takes place across two venues, the Center for Contemporary Art ‘Ancient Bath’ and the former tobacco warehouse SKLAD in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The first fold, an exhibition project under the title, Operaismo Naturale: Ecology of the Event, takes place from 27 July to 5 September 2018, with talks, interventions and performances on 28 and 29 July and on 5 September; and the second, an expanded exhibition project building on the first exhibition and its context, from 4 May to 29 July 2019, with an accompanying symposium on 5/6 May 2019.

Digital Ecologiesbrings on display art works that engage with ecological domains and constitute a constellation of eco-art, of emancipatory art practices and committed aesthetic inventions. They have ethical implications in the age of meta-data and the political economy of valorization of information under post-internet conditions, and in the troubling times of rapid and unpredictable climate change associated with global warming. The exhibition project is a platform to display, but also a laboratory for joint research to invent new concepts, affects and percepts – a space of experiments on how to turn knowledge into practice, and practice into knowledge, with its own temporality.

In a technologically driven world, in which Data becomes disturbingly indistinguishable from sensation and affectual affinities, almost like fragments of the flow of Nature, the conditions of cognitive and immaterial labor demand that the relation to Nature and the Natural be rethought. The project hits the intensive road to ponder how under these new circumstances, ecological resistance may enact existential territories that constitute new relations with Nature in which to ground multiplicities, taking into account the flexibilization of labor vs social plasticity. It breaks open the synthetic dialectics by the power of an affirmative milieu, by the creativity of unknown quantities, fragments and digits located beyond the cognitive horizon and the phenomenal growth in the speed of computer-aided subjectivity. ... More on  http://digital-ecologies.arttoday.org

Programm mit Performances / Interventionen, Panels und Diskussionen

Opening: Friday 27 July 2018
18 H      Doors open at the two venues
19 H      Welcome and curatorial introduction at Center for Contemporary Art ‘Ancient Bath’vfollowed by performances by Alexander Tuchaček and Axelle Stiefe

Events: Saturday 28 July 2018
14 H      Curatorial guided tour across the two venues in the presence and with contributions by participating artists
16 H      Performance by Dorothea Rust
Evening programm
19 H       Talk by Boyan Manchev
20.15 H  Performance-lecture by Luchezar Boyadjiev
21 H       Performance by Voin de Voin & Simone Gilges

Events: Sunday 29 July 2018
Performances by Una Szeemann, Axelle Stiefel, Isabel Reiß; talks by Sandro Steudler, David Jacques, Katharina Swoboda; public interview with Alexander Tuchaček by Dimitrina Sevova, and other contributions

Events: Saturday 01 September 2018
19 H       Performances by Delphine Chapuis Schmitz

Digital Ecologies | Fold I, 2018 | Dorothea Rust